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Review: Beech's Fine Chocolate

Nothing says "treat" like really good chocolate. Writer Erica Pilavaki, reviews the latest range from Beech's Fine Chocolate.

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'Hey Erica, would you like to review some luxury chocolate?' I could not reply, yes, fast enough.

So all about Beech's. Beech's has been making traditional chocolates in their factory in Preston, since 1920. That's over 100 years of supplying chocolate to the hungry British public. They only use natural ingredients, and all their chocolate is Fairtrade cocoa and gluten-free, perfect.

The Beech's chocolatiers still use the recipes and techniques passed down through the decades. They still make chocolates by hand using traditional small batch methods.

Everything they make is suitable for vegetarians. Most of their dark chocolate products are also registered with the Vegan society and are certified Vegan. Hurrah!

I love that Beech's honour tradition in an age where everything seems so transient and short-lived. As you taste their chocolates, you get the sense of specialness that only comes from something that is made with love and care. This is such an intoxicating, deliriousness-inducing chocolate range that just has to be tried, trust me.

Chocolate brings joy, conveys love, heals heartache, and forges connections. These days when we can't share experiences with others due to a global pandemic, it's more important than ever to be able to send chocolate expressions of affection. Beech's chocolate offers various chocolates from truffles to bars to chocolate covered nuts to fondant cremes. The nuts are my absolute favourite, chocolate and nuts go hand-in-hand, and you don't have to be a nut fanatic to appreciate the pairing.

A real nut lover, however, lusts for chocolate that celebrates the nut. Not just accompanies it, and that's what Beech's accomplishes tremendously well, so much so, I devoured a packet of cocoa-dusted Californian almonds without even noticing.

There aren't many things in life that beat tucking into delicious chocolate. From the selection I tried, I can honestly say it felt like I had fallen into a pool of smooth chocolate. I didn't want to leave, definitely hitting that all-powerful C-spot.

The packaging isn't the sexiest I've ever come across, but it's the inside that counts, right? Cost-wise, you'll find that Beech's won't break the bank that some other luxury chocolates might. They are very affordable for high-quality ingredients. I'm not here to announce that you can buy your way out of your problems but hear me out.

If you feel like the Gremlin version of yourself, something jolly might help and that something jolly is Beech's Chocolate.

If chocolate is one of your weekly supermarket essentials (and why wouldn't it be?) Then I strongly suggest to check out Beech's online.


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Chatting Food Contributor: Erica Pilavaki

Born in Cyprus but now living in London, Erica has an insatiable appetite for good food and tasty drinks!

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