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Review: Chapel Down Bacchus 2019

Erica Pilavaki asks you to consider putting down your Sauv Blanc for something different.

I'm no wine expert, but I do know a thing or two. I know when I like wine, I know when I love a bottle of wine, and I certainly know when I dislike a wine.

Spoiler: I love this wine. Chapel Down's Bacchus 2019 is England's answer to a supercharged, easy-drinking white wine with a personality similar to a Sauvignon Blanc.

Now I get why you might reach for a trusty bottle of Sauv Blanc at the supermarket. Firstly Supermarkets love the stuff because it sells by the caseload, so there are rows upon rows to choose from, but trust me when I say there are so many more exciting wines out there to enjoy - such as this one.

Bacchus is a popular grape that ripens well in cool climates hence being the fourth most planted variety in England. The vine produces fruit with excellent ripe flavours and it keeps it's famous acidity in check whilst still providing an extra bit of exuberance and a pleasant minerality.

I loved the nose on this wine as soon as I poured it; tasting notes of juicy passion fruit and melon, sharp lime and grassy, nettle aromatics. A springy zing hydrates the senses, demanding a second sip, then a third and so on. I'm utterly convinced this wine is sure to please both existing fans of Bacchus and those migrating over from Sauvignon Blanc and other fruit-focussed whites that are full of energy.

Chapel Down winery, based near Tenterden in Kent, is visibly demonstrating English wine's considerable potential. They boast over 25 acres of vineyards set amongst some beautiful countryside and with the weighty importance to shop local, more so now than ever before, I cannot recommend checking out Chapel Down online enough.

And if you need further proof of how well Bacchus fits into the quintessential British lifestyle, I can personally vouch it goes brilliantly with fish and chips.

Chapel Down is part of Produced In Kent

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Chatting Food Contributor: Erica Pilavaki

Born in Cyprus but now living in London, Erica has an insatiable appetite for good food and tasty drinks!

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