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Review: Gluten-Free Saturday Night Snacking

The nights are drawing in and we are heading to the season of the box set. All you need now is a perfect selection of snacks. Gluten-free writer Emma Dennehy grabs the remote and tests a range of gluten-free snacks.

This box couldn’t have arrived at a better time than on a Friday so I could find it on my doorstep after a hectic week at work. I was so excited to rip open the gorgeous package, rummage the mass of tissue paper and reveal the goodies tucked up inside. I hit the jackpot, it was SNACKS!! I am a happy Coeliac.

The two bottles of Square Root non-alcoholic mojito went straight in the fridge as I rummaged through the rest of the goodies. A packet of Pulsitos; sweet chilli roasted fava beans (gluten-free and vegan), a bar of Prodigy dark chocolate with sea salt (gluten-free, vegan) and a pack of Serious Pig crunchy snacking cheese (gluten-free). It was like all my Christmas’ had come at once.

So this little combo was the perfect night in pre-dinner snackathon to get those taste buds going. First up I cracked open the snacking cheese. Perfect little rounds of baked Italian cheese; tangy and crisp with a slightly sour after taste. A little tangy for me but would be the perfect accompaniment to a sweet aperitif. This company are serious about a posh pub snack to company your favourite pint.

Next up the sweet chilli roasted fava beans, in a zero plastic packet that is fully recyclable (extra marks for that!) Subtle in flavour and not as crisp as I thought they might be. I’d liken them to the softness of cashew. Again, the perfect gluten-free, vegan nibble with your drinky poos or snack on the go. The company is all about natural products, keeping you fuller for longer; they’re snacks are high in protein and fibre, low GI.

Finally, the sea salt dark chocolate bar full of all-natural ingredients. All of Prodigy’s chocolate bars are about being good ingredients, low sugar and they pack them full of vitamins, minerals and raw cacao nibs leaving you with a decadent bar. I loved the balance of the bitter dark with a salty edge. Rich and hits the spot when you are after that something naughty.

Last but by no means least, all these delicious snacks were washed down with a chilled glass of Square Root’s non-alcoholic mojito. Lightly sparkling soda water and fresh, zingy lime and mint flavours to cleanse and refresh the palate. This is a bit of me.

All the snacks were gluten-free, two of them vegan in environmentally conscious packaging. Quality ingredients, no nasties and ridding us of that guilty snack feeling we all get. We need more of this.

The future of Saturday night in snacking.


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Chatting Food Contributor: Emma Dennehy

Emma Dennehy is a gluten-free writer and recipe creator. Emma is passionate about finding and promoting products to help Coeliac diets and that taste amazing. Emma is also the founder of Miss Rochie Makes, a textiles business creating original home-ware, gifts, cards and packaging.

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