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Review: Lady A Rosé

While this summer seems to have been more damp squib than spectacular sunshine, many of us will now be reaching for the rosé to try and capture the very last drop of that summertime magic.

If it’s something a little special you’re looking for, look no further than Lady A. Lady A Rosé is the brainchild of Soho House founder Nick Jones, specially created to mark the 40th birthday of close friend Markus Anderson (a nickname given to Markus by Nick in the early days of his career – we’re sure there’s a story there somewhere!).

Lady A is produced in one of the world’s most renowned locations for creating spectacular rosés, in the Provençal valley. Chateau La Coste is one of the most impressive, state of the art vineyards and wine installations, which perfectly marries beautiful rolling French vineyards with modern technology and techniques. What’s more a trip to the vineyard will allow you to see more than wine, with Damien Hirst sculptures and installations also covering the 124 hectares; it’s a piece of Damien Hirst artwork which adorns each and every bottle of Lady A wine.

But the important question is, does all this make a good drinking bottle when you peel away all the outer layers? In a very simple answer, yes. Provençal Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault and Merlot grapes all blend perfectly to create a genuinely delicious wine. There isn’t a harsh edge in sight, instead it’s refreshing, delicate and elegant with citrusy notes - and because of that, I’m afraid to say, gone all too soon unless you have an extra bottle or two! We sipped this in the sunshine with some simple snacks, but the vineyard recommends if you’re serving with food to go with Mediterranean, sun-kissed classics such as vegetable ratatouille and grilled tuna.

Lady A Rosé is of course available at Soho House venues, but also now in The Ivy, Annabel’s, Sexy Fish, Daphne’s, Cecconi’s, Scorpios, and Le Caprice. Our advice – if you see it, grab a bottle while you can.

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