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Review: Mainbrace Premium Golden Rum

Erica Pilavaki takes a look at Mainbrace Golden Rum and plans her next Dark and Stormy.

Very often, the best ideas come whilst drinking in the pub, am I right?

The Mainbrace story goes that the Haigh famlily were sitting in a pub in Cornwall, watching gig rowing crews enjoying some drinks after a race when they decided that they wanted to create a drink that prompted people to celebrate the small, yet special moments in life and to raise a toast to teamwork.

They embarked on a quest to create a rum that could be enjoyed in both a cocktail and on its own.

They eventually settled on a composition of two distinct and never-before blended styles, one from Martinique and the other from Guyana, to produce a smooth-textured, perfectly balanced rum and hence the premium blended rum is born.

As I pour Mainbrace in my glass the rum's amber colour is beautiful, it reminds me of golden hour. When I tilt the glass and give it a slow twirl, I see that its' slender legs flow back into the rum and releases a superfluity of aromas. On the nose, I smell toffee apple, chocolate-covered raisins, and as I sink my nose deeper, I pick out some spiced ginger cake and prickle of vanilla.

The rum translates well from nose to palate. There is initially a soft butterscotch flavour with some indications of banana peel, and a smattering of coconut. The overall taste is very clean and easy-drinking, what starts as gentle caramel notes, develops into richer toffee and woody notes and Agricole is clearly present.

Mainbrace has a soft, but short finish, with no harsh burn in the throat or medicinal aftertaste. I'm left with a warm luminosity that has me reaching for the bottle for a top-up!

If you like your lighter styles of rum that still have something interesting to say, this is one for you to try neat; otherwise, it's a wicked companion to a dark and stormy – which as the weather drastically turns colder, is my all-time favourite.

Winding up I just want to mention the neat branding as well as the beautifully crafted bottle, Mainbrace bears a kinetic story of its origins and a nifty tagline '"Splice the mainbrace" which is an order given aboard naval vessels to issue the crew with an alcoholic drink. Quite poetic, I think.


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Chatting Food Contributor: Erica Pilavaki

Born in Cyprus but now living in London, Erica has an insatiable appetite for good food and tasty drinks!

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